Business Mentor Request Form for Graduates

What is Business Mentoring?

Business mentoring is not management consulting or business coaching. Management consulting focuses on applying the skills of the consultant to solve a particular problem for the client. Business coaching is like therapy for business professionals. It assumes that the consultant already has the answer somewhere deep inside of them and the coach just has to bring that answer out. Business mentoring assumes that the mentee already possesses the basic technical skills to make their product or deliver their service. The mentor focuses on business perspective and guidance, personal development, and soft skills. The mentee benefits from the knowledge and experience of the mentor by receiving: Advice and counsel, Networking and contacts, Political and cultural know-how, Ongoing personal support and encouragement., A confidential sounding board, thinking room, and support for working through crucial and often complex decisions.

Mentor Profile

Mentors can come in three forms: Experienced mentor/business professional, Certified SCORE mentor and/or Successful entrepreneur. In business full-time at least three years. It could also be a retired person but boasts a successful business ownership track record. Knowledgeable in the mentee’s business (preferred, but not required).

Student Expectations

Be available to connect with your mentor at least once a week for six months. Conduct at least one face-to-face meeting per month with a mentor while other weeks could be by phone.

Business Mentor Request Form